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Sony to launch super thin 4K UltraHD TV, slimmer than iPhone 6

The new UltraHD 4K television’s from Sony will make a record straight away when it will be launched this summer. To be precise, the upcoming Super Thing UltraHD 4K televisions from Sony will measure just 0.2 inches thin at their thinnest point.Sony to put through TV slimmer that iPhone 6 this Summer

The fact that will probably give Apple Fanboys a hard pinch. The Super thin UltraHD television is thinner that the flagship Apple product iPhone 6. Sony will be launching the television initially during the summer.

The new series of super thin televisions from Sony will be available in two basic models. X900C will be available in two variations; 55 inches and 65 inches. On the other hand, the model X910C will be available in 75 inch screen sizes. Both the models will virtually be bezel-less and will run from one edge to another edge. This is probably the first time when Sony has provided its televisions with screens that run from one edge to another edge. Although, this has been Samsung’s forte till date, the experts believe that the televisions from Sony will certainly give Samsung a run for their money.

Talking about the picture quality, the TV’s will come with a resolution of 3840×2160 with a much higher brightness range and 4K colors. If this is not enough, the Super Thin UltraHD televisions will provide full access to Google Play, Netflix, YouTube and many more.

The bottom of the TVs will not be as thin as the screen because of the USB and HDMI ports. But one thing is for sure that in case you are looking forward to buy a new smart television, the Super Thin UltraHD 4K televisions from Sony is the perfect choice for you. The price at which the TVs will be made available is not clear yet.

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  1. Who gives the shit about how thin the TV should be? It's the performance/price. Sony just don't get it. TV is not a mobile device, so making it thinner, lighter is a waste of resources.

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