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Amazon withdraws the app test drive’ feature

Amazon’s Test Drive service is soon going to be taken off air. The service which was introduced back in 2011 allowed users to test apps available in the Amazon app store before purchasing them. The users could thus experience an application on their devices before purchasing it. Amazon also declared its decision through a blog post dated April 16th before officially making an announcement. The option would most likely not be present in new applications from now on.amazon-app-test-drive

According to the online retail giant, the users of the service were declining because of the increasing popularity of the ‘free to play’ option as a result of which the company decided to shut down the service. The Test Drive feature was mainly offered by gaming apps which were mostly the kind of applications people wanted to check out before purchasing. It was a useful service for the company in its initial years when competitors like Google play and iTunes were making progress in the market.

However game publishers are nowadays making revenue through in app purchases and ads and are instead offering games for free rather than paid downloads. So consumers can now just directly download the game for free instead of testing it first and then purchasing it. This led to a fall in the usage of the service offered by the Seattle based company.

Amazon’s Corey Badcock said that over 16000 apps were offered through the Test Drive service but only in the US. As the feature was only restricted to the US, it wasn’t adopted by developers around the world. Due to this there were times when the test drive option was not supported on devices outside of the US. The customers will however continue to see applications using the Test Drive but will not be able to use the service anymore. According to reports the company might soon come up with new and better ways to allow its customers to test applications before purchasing them, one of them being the ‘unlocked’ service which will offer paid apps for free.

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