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Moore’s law, which gave the semiconductor industry a boost, turns 50 today

Gordon E Moore, the man responsible for giving the semiconductor industry that much needed boost, came up with a theory 50 years ago that came to be known as Moore’s law. Moore Co founder of the Intel Corporation was at that time working for Fairchild Semiconductor in Mountain View, California as the director of the R&D department.gordon-e-moore

The prediction was made in 1965 when an electronic magazine asked him to describe the future of the transistor industry. Moore looked at the chips being used at that time and after a thorough analysis came to the conclusion that the industry would double these every year.

In 1975 however Moore made a slight amendment to the prediction by saying that the chip capacity would double every two years. Today there are billions of transistors on chips. Moore’s law has been a driving force for the semiconductor industry and the technology companies. As a result the chips being engineered now are far smaller, stronger and faster.

Moore, now 86 years old describes it as a mere observation and not a theorem or a prophecy that he thought would hold true only for a decade at the most. According to him it was just a wild extrapolation based on the facts from the past and the present. He was simply trying to chart the industry’s growth over the time. However, thankfully the law was taken seriously by the technology companies.

Moore’s law brought about a revolutionary change to the industry, especially our means of communication. Smartphones, computers, laptops and even the internet have been made possible as a result of the prediction done many years ago. Extremely tiny transistors and super fast chips were developed over the years that gave rise to ultra light laptops and smartphones, all because the technology makers saw the law as something they had to stick to or risk losing out in the long run. So the next time you pull out your favorite gadget, remember to thank Mr. Gordon Moore.

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