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Apple watch pre-orders delays its availability in the stores

Apple’s foray into the wearables industry has started in 2015. Their first product in this segment is the much anticipated Apple Watch. It is the only new product segment to be launched without the legendary Steve Jobs.apple-watch-queue-retail-store

For the brand new gadget, Apple Watch, the company has started taking pre-orders and customers are getting impatient. The watch or the wearable gadget was expected to hit the stores on April, 24th but due to unavailability, it will be sold from June 2015. The gizmo has already garnered 957,000 pre-orders. The company has to supply to stores worldwide and also deliver to these pre-ordered customers.

Apple is not the first company to bring a gadget on your wrists, but its philosophy of doing things differently continues. Apple Watch is a combination of extremely good looking design and high end functionality rolled into a small timepiece. It looks very trendy and urbane. The notifications and sync features are going to make your life much easier.

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The smartwatch is as personal as it gets, which helps you track your health, communication, entertainment etc. WWDC 2014 was all about health and wearables are helping people get more and more insights about their bodies. This way it will be easier and faster to recognize how their body is responding and performing on a daily basis. Apple Watch is totally in the trend and these many pre-orders prove that Apple has kicked in at the right time. People want something cool on their wrists and Apple is all set to give it to them.

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Apple is also doing thing differently by offering two courses to understand their smartwatch better. Apple believes it can be used in many ways like sending a text to a loved one to sending your blood sugar levels to your doctor.

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