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Apple Inc. (AAPL) to be valued at $1 trillion, predicts analysts

From a small startup in garage to becoming a company that made a dent in the universe, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has done it all. Analysts have predicted a market cap of over $1 trillion for the company by the end of this year. If you own Apple stock you are in for a bounty. The growth of the company has been tremendous after the iPods were launched. The current growth has outperformed the expectations and it is all set to become world’s most valuable company.applenyc

The software services business is predicted to triple its revenues by 2017. Apple is expected to churn out more money this year because it has successfully entered markets like China, and brought another innovation called wearables to the world. Most brokers are recommending people to buy shares of Apple and become a shareholder because the ship is sailing at a great speed. They are steady every quarter and want to play better in the next 2 quarters to bang on and achieve that valuation like a breeze.

Apple products like media players, mobile phones, wearables all get a nod from consumers worldwide. But as a company they realize that hardware components are getting commoditized so they are placing their buck and hope on the software services sector. That is, growing at a great pace.

As of now, the company has recorded a tremendous iPhone sales, despite the decrease in its iPad sales. Although it isn’t so innovative, Apple Watch has managed to reach 1 million pre-orders, which is really a good news for the company compared to the sales of Android Wear-based smartwatches from the companies like Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony and many others. Still, Android smartwatches’ total sales per year hasn’t reached 1 million.

The stock market report suggests that even if Apple share falls a few cents this week than it was last week, there is still a strong chance for the iPhone maker to create history by hitting the $1trillion mark. We are hoping the next big thing for Apple is this and the predictions become true. The company assessment will create a boom in the economy too, and more awesome things will come out of Apple’s RnD. Great going Apple!

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  1. Fantastic quarterly earning results next Monday will help push AAPL Market Cap strongly towards $1 Trillion. No question about it.

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