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Apple Inc. just bought 36,000 acres of forest to conserve it

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has partnered with an NGO, which is concerned with environmental activities and purchased around 36000 acres of forest area, for sustainable harvesting, which can be used in Apple’s packaging.apple-forest-land

The forest area is roughly two and a half times the size of Manhattan and it will be a combination of two tracts in North Carolina as well as Maine. The land is a part of 45 million acres of private forest in the United States, and is in the danger of being lost because of the development. Apple has a plan to harvest pulp from those forests and also, this will allow other companies to buy fiber from Apple.

Larry Selzer, The Conservation Fund’s president, told

“Apple wanted to work with an organization that had the ability to acquire and manage these forests, and we’re thrilled about this partnership. Apple is doing something unprecedented here.”

The forest area will be maintained by Selzer’s organization under the model called as “working forest”, the so-called “working forest” model will harvest trees with a motto of “an improvement over clear-cutting”.

Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of environmental initiatives and former administrator of the U.S. The Environmental Protection Agency said,

“Imagine if every time you opened a package from a company you knew that it came from a working forest. And imagine if companies took seriously their paper chain and made sure that was renewable, just like energy. And imagine if they didn’t just buy renewable paper, but took the step of ensuring that they would stay working forests forever.”

In the meanwhile, Apple has declined to comment regarding the quantity of paper, which Apple uses for packaging. We all know how many millions of units were sold per year, and each one of them comes with paper packages. The packages consist of one-third of non-recycled fiber, which are covered in major areas of the package box.

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