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Microsoft Windows 10 for Phones, Universal Apps Preview and Project Spartan update

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) is now aggressively developing stuffs related to its new ‘One for all devices’ operating system Windows 10, such as technical previews, Windows 10 Maps, Universal Apps Preview and IE-replacer Project Spartan. Project Spartan will not be the Internet Explorer killer, as Microsoft will be continuing to support the IE11 (latest version) for approximately 8 more years along with its Spartan browser platform.

Recently the company has released the technical preview of Windows 10 for mobile devices, build 10051, comes under Windows Insider series. Yet no stable version has been released by the Microsoft, especially for low segment devices such as Lumia 635. For instance, In Lumia 635, inbuilt applications are frequently getting crushed and entire OS gets freezes  sometimes.

In order to rectify this issue, Microsoft has planned to implement universal applications that run on both desktop version as well as mobile versions and also in the Windows 10 update is coming together to fix the issue. The release has several things, including Project Spartan, new Web Browser and other applications such as Phone, Mail, Calendar and so on.


One more interesting thing is Office Hub that lets the users to view and edit their documents by using Word, Excel and other office applications. Office 10 Universal Application Preview is already live, since Windows 10 PCs are preloaded with universal application of Office 10.  At the same time, Microsoft has to make some efforts to make it work for the mobile devices.


The new announcement comes in terms of new Windows 10 Maps for mobile devices. Aaron Butcher of Microsoft’s Maps team explains:

In Windows 10, you can always count on having your maps available by storing your maps offline, on both your PC and phone. From the Maps Settings page, choose Download a Map and pick the regions of the world you’d like to store offline. Once downloaded, the maps, local search results, and even voice guided navigation features will work without an internet connection and without using your data plan.

Microsoft application has more functionalities than that of predefined applications present on the Lumia devices. The applications are well tailored for exact end users and thus make the applications more unique one. One more interesting thing is that, “hamburger” menu that uses three horizontal lines to show extra additional menus. Previously, It was a three dots which bring out extra menu to the users, when it is tapped.

Microsoft is still struggling to get an ultimate UI for the users, while opting for universal apps. These apps should fix properly in the device and the UI of the device should be a proper one without text cut off or overlapping of texts.  In the final release, the company will surely fix the issue and there is no doubt on the final release. But it is highly expected that, there will be a typical problem when Microsoft try to use the same UI over various form factors.

Finally, Microsoft has announced that it has built a completely new Virtual Desktop for Windows 10, and her how it looks when grouped together.


To add a new desktop simply click the task view button on your taskbar and click the “new desktop” button. Just like how you can run as many application windows as you like, there’s also no limit to how many desktops you can create. Below is the intro video of Microsoft’s Project Spartan.

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