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EU’s Commissioner presses Antitrust charges against Google

Things are probably on the verge of turning foul again to Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) as the European Union’s Competition Commissioner has decided to bring in the antitrust lawsuit against the search engine giant. Margrethe Vestager has made a formal announcement in regard to the antitrust charges that she is stating against Google. This is amidst the major antitrust lawsuits that the world has seen, including the one involving Microsoft Corporation.EU’s Commissioner presses Antitrust charges against Google

This is not the first time when Google has been accused malpractices involving its search results. According to the antitrust lawsuit brought in by the EU’s commissioner, Google has been accused to favor its own products or services that it likes or has a connection with. Google has approximately about 10 weeks to respond to the claims made by Vestager.

Google has been accused of acts like restraining services, promoting products, biased search results, leading to acts like reduction of competition and minimal choices for the consumers. Both the above mentioned acts are strictly against the principles of consumerism.

Vestager is well known for the strict attitude that she has. The experts believe that she is all set to tighten the screws on Google to a greater degree soon enough. The rumors contain that the EU’s Competition Commissioner is looking forward to expand the hold on to other areas controlled by Google like news and maps. In fact, she has already initiated a probe looking after whether Google takes an unfair advantage of its Google Map application, that is in turn used by various other Android applications.

The search engine giant on the other hand has denied all the claims of breaking the antitrust rules. In fact, Google claims that all its services work towards providing the consumers with the best possible results. One will have to wait and watch how things develop in the due course.

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