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SpaceX tests the landing of rockets on a floating barge [Video]

Thought rockets were all about going into space? SpaceX is changing things in 2015. They have recently tested the landing efficiency of their rockets on earth, that too in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Surprised? In case you cannot fathom how they could land in the middle of salt water, they tried to land Falcon 9 over a floating platform. SpaceX is known for innovation and its CEO, Elon Musk loves to inspire others with bits of all the cool stuff that is going on in his company.spacex-rocket-landing-barge

The landing attempt is a bold one and could be improved to a great extent if you watch the video posted by Musk. The landing of Falcon 9 is not as smooth as the company predicted. The video garnered a great response and applause from people around the globe. Unlike the last attempt which was pretty much crash and burn, SpaceX is doing fine this time around. We believe that this nearly there attempt to land rockets on surface properly will take innovation to the next level and the company can even land successfully on flat surfaces one day.

The mechanics of launch and landing are totally different, while the pressure going up is really high, but the pressure coming down is not that propellant. SpaceX Chief Operating Officer, commented that their first goal is to launch the rockets properly, but if anything goes bad while landing the option to blow it up is considered. But looking at the speed of progress, one day they will land on all types of surface of earth, without any damage.

Elon and his team are happy about the landing of Flacon 9 and that’s why they shared it with the world. Above tweet from Elon Musk was tweeted prior to the launch.


Watch the video of Falcon 9 landing on a floating barge, in the middle of the Indian Ocean below:

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