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Watch underwater ROV’s surprising encounter with a rare Sperm Whale [Video]

More often that not, you do not find deep sea predators coming anywhere near to under sea motor vehicles. But this is what happened, when a Sperm Whale decided to explore the area near an underwater Research Vessel (ROV).rov-encounters-sperm-whale

The motor vehicle was deep into the Ocean at a depth of 1962 feet, where it was exploring the Gulf of Mexico for Nautilus. The exploration is for the purpose to create a better understanding of how life forms develop at such depths around tectonic plates. It was during the exploration that the Sperm came into the view.

According to the reports, while the ROV Hercules was on its exploration mission, the Sperm whale appeared. It was initially accounted for a humpback whale, but later it was decided that the predator was the endangered species of Sperm Whales. The crew members claimed that the Whale circled Hercules quite a few number of times, allowing them a clear look at the stunning creature. The interaction has gathered the attention, because it is not always that you can see a Whale near an ROV and that too an endangered species like the Sperm Whale.

Sperm Whales otherwise known as Cachalot are one of the largest toothed predators of the world. The interaction of Hercules with a Sperm Whale has stirred quite a few environmental organizations. Most of them wish to work towards making life better for all such endangered species, while conserving them and allowing them to grow. The experts believe that this encounter with the Sperm Whale will motivate more organizations to take an interest in conserving such endangered species.

The Nautilus Exploration Program, which is involved in pure exploration of the sea floor is expected to play a major role in this regard.

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