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The Construction Timeout Again Extended by Hawaii Telescope Builders

A nonprofit company plans to construct one of the world’s largest telescopes on a site that is considered quite sacred by majority of Native Hawaiians. This site is actually a mountain which Native Hawaiians are obsessed about. The company has postponed the construction once again and the news was confirmed on Friday by the Governor of Hawaii, David Ige.hawaiian-telescope-construction

It is not the first time that the construction has been stalled by Thirty Meter Telescope. This is actually the second time that the company has postponed its plans to make one of the world’s largest telescopes at the summit of Mauna Kea, which is considered to be the highest peak on the island of Hawaii.

Ige, however, could not confirm when the construction of the telescope would resume. The further news would come from the company Thirty Meter Telescope itself.  The suspension of the building construction came after some protestors blocked the road and refused to leave the construction site. These protestors were arrested by the law enforcement.

According to the scientists, Mauna Kea’s Summit above cloud cover can offer one of the best conditions in the world for sky viewing. However, some native Hawaiians are of the belief that their creation story somehow related to the mountain. Their ancestors had been buried here and therefore, they don’t like the idea of any construction atop the sacred mountain.

The Governor of Hawaii confirmed that the Thirty Meter Telescope reserves all the rights to proceed with the construction. He suggested the native Hawaiians to appear before the court, and appeal against the construction of the telescope if they have any problems with it.

Ige said that the telescope planning took seven years, including the seeking of permits for the same. Hence, the company has all the reasons to start with the construction again.

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  1. When is this country going to stop tolerating religious interference. Whether a catholic messing with freedom, a baptist trying to claim bigotry in the name of the lord, or some superstitious ignorance claiming at their ancestors or gods are bothered, it is getting to be too much for a modern society.

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