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Users of iOS 7 yet to receive solution from Apple for OS issues

Customers are no longer happy about the way iOS 7 has turned out with rising numbers of issues. An immediate move by Apple is expected to fix the problems in iOS 7. Though Apple released a 7.0.2 update immediately to fix crashing of apps, lag, battery drain and Wi-fi issues. In-spite of the update many users continue to experience these issues, though the fingerprint security feature bug was fixed by the Connecticut company.

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iPad and iPhone users had to face another issue while using iMessage service. Apple ran into another problem after iPad’s that were distributed to school district faced complete breakdown of the software which allowed teachers to observe the students using the tablet.

Another issue faced by iPhone iOS 7 users was the battery drain issue after upgrading to iOS 7. iPhone 4S users experienced severe battery drain when compared to the later version of iPhone. Wi-fi not being stable after being connected was also reported among iPhone 4S users. Lag issues are certainly not going down well with the users of iPad 2 and iPad 3.

With the 7.0.3 update users would be eager to know if Apple has found a solution for all these issues in the new iOS 7. Apple has not yet announced the release of the latest update.

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