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Millions of Jelly Fish-like creatures invade the Pacific Northwest Beaches

A great number of Jelly fish-like creatures have invaded the Pacific Northwest shoreline. These creatures have made the beach goers watch their steps while taking a walk. However, one child could not stop himself from putting his shoe on the creatures.jelly-fish-like-creatures-west-coast

Brooke Brandweide of Seattle stated, “They were really goopy and mushy and they were weird to step on.” These creatures are blueish in color and are called Velella Valella. They invade the shoreline in spring. However, their bodies are of such type that they can sail far away from the beach and hence they are usually out of human sight.

Steve Green from Ocean Shores, Washington said,

“They have a sail fin that has a slight bend to it and that helps them curve again from the beach and stay off the beaches.”

Right when the westerly wind kicks in, these creatures collide with land.  Once these creatures take a spin around in circles, they have no chance whatsoever.

Jelly Fish are known to possess stinging cells, but the creatures that have invaded the Pacific Northwest beaches are harmless to humans. However, you should take precautions and not rub the eyes or put fingers in your mouth after touching a Jelly fish.

Humans should also try to avoid walking barefoot on the beach while it is freshly invaded by the jellyfish like creatures.

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