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Telecom company CenturyLink sues the FCC over Net Neutrality rules

CenturyLink, Inc. (NASDAQ:CTL) adds its name to the list of companies who have raised their voice against the Tile II rules of the Federal Communications Commission with regard to the issue of Net Neutrality. CenturyLink is not the first telecom company to challenge the rules. Phone Association USTelecom and Alamo Broadband have already filed suitable lawsuits against FCC in different appeal courts.centurylink-sues-fcc-net-neutrality

The ongoing rumors suggest that more members of the USTelecom association are expected to file lawsuits against the FCC owing to the Tile II rules over the issue of Net Neutrality.

According to the statement issued by CenturyLink, the decision taken by FCC to control and subjugate the Internet is wrong and does not fit into the modern day methods. The company has claimed to have invested hundreds of millions of dollars to build an infrastructure that allows them to maintain an open Internet network. An open internet network is important as it abides the fundamental principle of ‘Internet is for all’. The company has filed the claims because it believes that it will lead to increased prices and fewer number of choices for the consumers, which again despises quite a few principles of consumerism.

Apart from the USTelecom and its members, companies like National Cable and Telecommunications Commission, AT&T, CTIA- The Wireless Associations, and many more organizations have already filed complaints against the Federal Communications Commission. The companies who wish to participate in the event by challenging the FCC over the Net Neutrality issues have till April 23 to file their challenges.

The Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Mr. Tom Wheeler, on the other hand is not deterred by the lawsuits. He believes that the FCC has been very strong in the legal situations in hand and is confident of winning the lawsuits.

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