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Apple Watch: Things iPhone users should know, without being a jerk

For a decade, Apple, Inc.’s (NASDAQ:APPL) iPhone has been the innovator for most of the excellent technologies, and it takes the lead whenever we talk about hardware, external appearance and even for software solutions too. Apple brought several innovations such as Retina Display, Siri, Touch ID and even more, it will even take a day to complete all innovations by Apple.apple-watch-guided-tour

Now, Apple brought us another cutting edge technology with some of the looks of iPhone 6 in its Apple Watch and give us a new set of features, that made the device more unique. Here, I have discussed few information that very iPhone users need to know about Apple Watch, without being a jerk (call’em noobs!).

Glance Encounter:

Apple Watch is a masterpiece as well as a rare product that is mainly developed for little amount of usages only. The entire feature that is present in Apple Watch will bring you inside the device without any sort of distraction and also at the same time, it gives you an ultimate response – whether if you’re sending a text or even for checking time in it. The users can feel that they’re wearing an iPhone in their hand. For those users, who feels that it will take time to check out the message on their phone, as he/she need to unlock the device, Apple Watch is a perfect choice.

Apple Watch is fundamentally different way of thinking and it gives you more productivity too. The device comes with customizable homescreen widgets that help the users to customize the homescreen according to their wish.

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Decentralized Notifications:

The biggest part of Apple Watch’s reach is the ability to deliver the timely notifications to the user’s wrist. Rather than giving alert of the event, Apple Watch comes with all-or-nothing approach that makes the device more unique in nature. Apple Watch makes Apple to think about its delivery systems and allows the users to customize the notifications for each event.

The device with two sorts of looks, the first one “Short Look” allows the users to view the short brief of information by simply raising their hand. If the user taps the screen “Long Look” appears with a bit more data as well as some interactions too. Apple Watch comes with an extra level of usefulness and also brings us the smart way of the connectivity.

Apple Watch Brings You The Force:

Apple Watch comes with a number of features and one of the most interesting features is Force Touch. Most of the people are thinking about the usability of the device – thinking how they can perform all the tasks with smaller screens and with only one finger. In order to rectify this issue, Apple has implemented Force Touch, an invisible layer of interface, which makes you more accessible through the deeper layer of the screen. Similar to MacBook’s trackpad, Apple Watch users can perform several tasks with a finger click on it.

Quite interesting right? Force Touch allows the users to easily access the GUI of the device and at the same time, they can set-up the gestures for each function in it.

Reach out and Touch someone:

Connectivity is one of the major functions that has present in Apple Watch, and the company has made it in a perfect way, so that communication between the iPhone and Apple Watch will be a synchronized one. Apple has introduced Digital Touch for the device that allows the users to use a new generation of messaging.

Apple will soon distinguish the doodles for Apple Watch and iPhones, and it may include the email signature, such as Sent from my Apple Watch soon, that may also act as a sort of advertisement for the device.

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  1. Although I'm sure Apple fans will grab up this device even if it's only slightly useful, this article makes it even less clear after reading it. Terrible ad for Apple.

  2. Bad English or not, in the end ios is still ios. Same Damn thing on a bigger screen and now a smaller screen. #nothingreallychanges

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