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Microsoft released Halo ‘Spartan Strike’ to Windows, iOS and Steam, Android kept away

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) has launched its much awaited game Halo: Spartan Strike for Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Steam, iPhone and iPad. Although this is a good news for these device owners, the $6 mobile game isn’t announced for any Android smartphones or tablets.halo-spartan-strike-screenshot

The reason of excitement for Windows Phone owners today is the launch of a brand new Halo: Spartan Strike game on their device. The twin-stick shooter and highly popular game series is launched with many innovations. Microsoft is on the verge of rolling out Windows 10 this year and the first quarter of 2015 starts on a happy note. The special game for both computers and handheld devices works really well where players will enjoy all new weapons and vehicles. There is a total of 30 challenging missions with lots of exciting hidden items to unlock. The game is set in New Mombasa, in the year 2552.

The company is trying to restrict gamers to their platform by launching is for Windows Phone 8 and iOS only. Many Android owners are at a disadvantage because of this act of monopoly played by Microsoft. Their Halo game has millions of fans worldwide, but Sparta Strike is not available on any Android running device. If you own a Windows or iOS based gadget, you can download Halo: Spartan Strike for just $6.

The surprise announcement is filled with gaming and you can go on a spree, playing top-down, gun battles on your mobile. Gamers can also enjoy it on Steam platform. It is an apt sequel to the popular Xbox game, Halo Spartan Assault. If you are enthusiastic about being Spartan supersoldier with unmatched abilities to save the world, this game is a treat for you.

Storyline explained by Microsoft:

Halo: Spartan Strike tells a compelling new story in the Halo universe set during the events ofHalo 2 on New Mombasa in 2552. As a Spartan supersoldier in a classified ONI simulation, delve into 30 challenging missions while leading UNSC troops through cities and jungles with an all new arsenal of weapons, abilities and vehicles.

Have a jovial time playing and let us know how you like it in the comments.

Are you missing this epic game because of platform issue? Android users will have to wait for the right time and that if and only if Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft decides to launch it in any other platforms except Windows, iOS, Steam etc. No announcement made regarding its launch on Xbox One nor Sony PlayStation 4 (don’t expect it for the latter one!)

Official announcement video:

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