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World’s first self-powered camera is developed by researchers at Columbia University

Researchers at Columbia University has developed the world’s first prototype camera that never needs an external power supply to work and it can continually power itself without using any sort of external power source. The video that has been captured by the prototype has hit the internet with a massive response from the global consumers.self-powered-camera-columbia-university

Technology is growing in a manner, such that it will reach its extreme in a few years. In that way, a camera has been invented, which continuously power itself and never need a battery supply to work. When the device is placed over a light or exposed over the sunlight, the photodiodes converts light source into a potential electric current that is needed for the device to charge by itself.

In the meantime, by using the electric current, the intensity of the light is being measured and used to produce images. Similar to Columbia University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science team, this project team has used the similar technique to use photodiodes to harvest alternate tasks.

Shree K. Nayar, who led the team said that

“However, our prototype is the first demonstration of a fully self-powered video camera.”

When the device is exposed in the sunlight or an ordinary light, the sensor automatically toggles the process of charging the power supply as well as capturing the images. The device comes with low resolution of 30 pixel by 40 pixel and it is enough to capture one image per second. Mr. Nayar and his team used three dimensional printer to create the body; since the device is in prototype stage, it will take some time to bring out some practical use cases for the device.

In short, the device may used for security cameras, wearable and other related devices that are very less in size. Power sources are the hurdles for most of the inventions and using these sort of technology in camera will help others to bring out more functionalities in a smaller device.

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