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Apple CEO Tim Cook enters TIME’s list of ‘100 most influential people’

Apple CEO Tim Cook has been listed on TIME’s list of hundred most influential people for 2015. After a period of three years, Cook has been recognized for his leadership skills, support for human rights and protecting environment.tim-cook-time

The list includes individuals like celebrities, researchers, leaders, authors and executives with outstanding credentials. A Democratic congressman from Georgia and civil rights leader John Lewis stated that Tim is unwavering in his support to privacy, equality and embracing LGBT rights. He added that his commitment to renewable energy was leaving the planet greener and cleaner for generations unborn.

“Tim has shown that profitability and integrity can go hand in hand,” said Lewis.

According to business magazine Fortune, Cook owns Apple stock, worth $120 million. Last month, he stated that he would donate his wealth to charity. Cook was known to take risks, which eventually led to the rise in the company’s profits. In 2012, Cook was listed on the TIME’s list, after the replaced Apple co-founder Steve Jobs as the CEO. Lewis mentioned that Cook ensured higher profitability, when compared to Steve Jobs.

In 2009, Cook had reportedly offered Jobs his liver tissue for transplant and the offer was refused. Cook’s concern for the environment has also inspired people to commit themselves, towards a greener planet.  The annual list of influential people includes names like YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun, LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman and more. Individuals from different part of the world includes people like Anita Sarkeesian, Kayne West Hillary Clinton, Kim Kardarshian and Tim McGraw.

Tim Cook entered Apple as the Senior Vice-President in March of 1998. He has also played the role of Executive Vice President and Chief Operation Office, within the company. The Apple Watch is the first new device that was released, after Cook took over as Chief Executive.

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