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Instagram changes its rules, that tells the users what they can do

After Facebook has acquired Instagram, it comes with several numbers of policy updates that prevents its users from performing various actions in the platform. This week, Instagram updated its community rules and guidelines with stronger resistance against the photos that seems inappropriate.instagram-icon

The updated policy comes to banning on nudity and also includes banning of digitally created content that shows adult contents too. All in all, Instagram has updated its policy on nudity and harassments.

Instagram mentioned in a statement:

“We know that there are times when people might want to share nude images that are artistic or creative in nature,” “But for a variety of reasons, we don’t allow nudity on Instagram.””Some photos” of female nipples—like post-mastectomy scarring and women breastfeeding—are allowed, as is nudity in photos of paintings and sculptures. “We want Instagram to continue to be an authentic and safe place for inspiration and expression,”

The guidelines clearly state that, photos, videos and other contents that shows genital organs, close ups of nude buttocks and sexual intercourses are banned from the community. Suppose, if you want to post any images of your toddler in the bath, Instagram may remove the content from the community, that shows nude or partially nude children too. You can report the content as “Report Inappropriate” by simply tapping the three-dot button that is present below an image.

The update comes into the picture when Miley Cyrus joined the campaign called as “Free the Nipple”, which protest against the nudity contents on Instagram. Instagram doesn’t want its users to get harmed due to inappropriate contents in their platform and also it discourages violence based on race, nationality and other factors too. After Facebook has made a similar stance, Instagram has also categorized under the same rules and guidelines to clarify the standards to offer more guidances for bullying, criminal activities, sexual violences and so on.

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