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Verizon Communications’ data breach reports shows PCs are prime target for attackers

Verizon Communications (NASDAQ:VZ) has came with a report that says the cyber-attacks in the smartphone as well as the internet sort of thing. The report clearly states the statistical report of the criminal cases that has been confirmed as data breaches and also other security incidents.verizon-data-breach-report

Verizon, On Wednesday, it comes with a report that state data breach information of the past few years and referred as “2015 Data Breach Investigations Report” (DBIR). In the present day of technology, each and everything comes with a loophole; the rise of malware as well as security loop holes is getting increasing day by day.

Since, all sorts of technological breaches are becoming normal by the day, these things made Google to tighten its zero day policy. In the meanwhile, Verizon comes with a report, that is irrespective of the mobile devices, the users are used on and the report comes with several exploits that has been occurring in past decades.

Mike Denning, vice president of global security for Verizon Enterprise Solutions, said

“We continue to see sizable gaps in how organizations defend themselves,” and “While there is no guarantee against being breached, organizations can greatly manage their risk of becoming more vigilant in covering their bases. This continues to be a main theme, based on more than 10 years of data from our ‘Data Breach Investigations Report’ series.”

The “2015 Data Breach Investigations Report” says that, most of the criminals are still using the old techniques to make their work done. Verizon states that, these incidents are mainly due to unpatched devices and at the same time, the software patches are taking more time to go on. This gives the criminals to use those loopholes to perform the incidents and it also states that most of them uses only nine patterns, which seems to be more vigilant one. Some of them are physical thefts, malware attacks, privilege misuse, DDoS attacks and so on. Verizon took over 2100 realtime cases and 195,000 real incidents that occurs past few decades.

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