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Twitter launches a new homepage for non-members

Twitter, Inc. (NASDAQ:TWTR)  has planned to launch a new Twitter homepage, to attract the incoming new users, who’re not at all a member of social media network. The new user homepage will be designed in such a way that, a new user will be tempted to sign-up in the Twitter network as soon as he/she visited the homepage.twitter-new-homepage

Already Twitter has a large number of user base and in the meanwhile, the social media company faces lots of troubles in attracting new users due to its micro-blogging nature. This might be an another reason that Twitter has not reached up to the expected level, and the homepage appears as a un-inviting one for the new users.

Existing users are still in love with the current homepage and the UI of the Twitter and also gets addicted due to the new features that are consistently implemented by Twitter. But, new users feel that, the Twitter is not a place for them due to the look and feel of the site.

After conducting several numbers of surveys, finally Twitter has made some decisions that allows it to launch a new homepage. Till now, no sort of official information has been provided by Twitter. Twitters need to create a better page, that will attract the users within a click, and it should make them feel like they should join the community right at the moment itself. In order to make that possible, Twitter should implement several numbers of new features in its homepage and also need to make changes in this discussion, conversation and also in the marketing segment.

Twitter may include features from Periscope, or at least from Amplify to make the user interface as a realtime one and also makes the ecosystem more appealing one. Whatever the changes it made, it should be clearly shown on the homepage of the social media.

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