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Apple Watch: 7 Surprises You will Know After Buying

Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) own smartwatch ‘Apple Watch’ continues to be a mystery to many as it is not launched in the market for everyone. May be just a handful of people have actually worn it and the speculations are creating a lot of hype in the market. With the launching due soon, everyone is very eager to have a peek at what his smartwatch has to offer. However the Apple Watch has some special surprises for the tech savvy lot.apple-watch-variants

Apart from the regular apps that can be accessed via the Apple Watch, there are certain tricks which the users should be accustomed to while using the same. We’ve tried to give you a glimpse to what the Apple Watch will be offering.

1. Siri

Most people would swipe or tap or use the digital crown to find the apps they are looking for. But a great way to search apps on the Apple Watch is to use Siri. You just need to hold the watch crown down or lift the watch and say “Hey Siri!” and she will do the needful to find your app.

2. Watch Faces

What sets the Apple Watch apart from the smart watches of Pebble, Samsung and Google is the fact that there is no other third party watch faces which can be downloaded and installed in it. Apple has designed 10 beautiful watch faces exclusively for the Apple Watch. But the whereabouts of the sales of these watch faces still remains in the dark.

3. Charging

From what we have heard, the Apple Watch cannot be charged by any other chargers save the magnetic inductive charger made exclusively for Apple. Words out there says that people have tried to charge the watch with standard Qi and A4WP (Alliance for Wireless Power) but in vein.

4. Calling

Although you can dial and make calls through the Apple Watch and then transfer them off to the iPhone, but you can’t ignore the phone completely. As of now, you can’t use the Apple Watch or any Bluetooth device connected to it to make calls of stop them, while your phone is put away somewhere else. We’re hoping that Apple will change this system with some kinds of updates.

5. Power Reserve

The Apple Watch has a unique ability to convert into a normal watch to just show time. If you are low on the battery you simply need to switch on the “Power Reserve” mode. This mode will put your Apple Watch in some kind of coma. However, switching of this mode will need you to reboot the watch and this may take up to a minute to make the Apple Watch regain its normal functionality.

6. Swapping the Strap

Provided you have similar sized Apple Watch of either 38mm or 42mm, you can swap the Apple Watch straps to something new. However, if you have different sized watch then this facility is of no use to you.

7. Paying Bills

If you are thinking of paying bills through the Apple Watch you no longer need to rely just on the Apple Pay. Apart from tracking your boarding passes, like the usual app, Passbook on Apple Watch will also have Apple Pay whereby you can make payments for things with just a tap, thanks to Visa.

These are just some of the surprises that we could get our hands on. Hope we have been able to answer some of your questions and helped you to discover the hidden tricks. If you have more information on the same do not forget to share it with us via comments.

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