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Robot Chef cooks Crab Bisque as well it could be

Just imagine that the food you just ate at a restaurant has been cooked by a Robot. Well, it might make you feel like that you are going crazy, but the truth is that you might just be completely sane. The world’s first robot chef is all set and ready to be deployed at your service. According to the reports, a robotic system successfully replicated the actions of Mr. Tim Anderson, the winner of BBC Master Chef in the Year 2011, to cook one of his own recipes named Crab Bisque.Robot Chef cooks Crab Bisque as good it could be

The reports suggest that the dish was specially cooked such that it can be used for the testing purposes. While Mr. Anderson was cooking, a special 3D recording was made, which captured each and every move made by Mr. Anderson. The image was later transformed into a digital image using correlated algorithms. The joint efforts of the research team from University of Stamford of the United States of America and SSSUP of Italy, has resulted in the prototype, which perfectly cooked Mr. Anderson’s recipe of Crab Bisque.

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The fully articulated system has two hands, that allows it to replicate the human motions. The motions on the other hand are carried out with the help of 20 different varieties of Motors, 24 joints and 129 specific sensors. The prototype system is currently on display at Hannover Messe between April 13th to April 17th.

On the other hand, Mr. Anderson is himself pretty astonished at this feat. He stated that Crab Bisque is an extremely difficult dish for humans to make. His general expectation was that the machine would fail terribly, but things turned out to be different. The Robot Chef will be available for commercial launch by the year 2017.

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