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Apple to launch a redesigned Music app with iOS 8.4 update

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is one of the few tech giants that has the quality to surprise everyone, every time with something or the other in their products. Apple has released the next version of iOS, i.e., iOS 8.4 beta for the developers. As expected, the features provided are up to the kind Apple prefers to use, but the upgraded and redesigned Music App has caught all the eyes. The developers got their hands on the Beta version of iOS 8.4 last night and are already praising the refurbished Music App.Apple to launch a redesigned Music app with iOS 8.4

The general expectation is that Apple Inc. will be launching iOS 8.4 for the general users during the WWDC 2015 scheduled to be held in the month of June. Thus, it will be the first time when the general users will be introduced to the redesigned Music app. But what makes the equation even more interesting is the fact that the much anticipated Beats Music Streaming service will also be launched during the WWDC 2015.

The Music application in iOS 8.4 has a better User Interface, which is very close to the desktop view of iTunes. The users can now easily manage their playlists and personalize it with their won images and descriptions. Finding recently added music and favorite music has also been eased up to a great extent with the new UI.

The Mucic App mini player is certainly the one to look forward to. The small app allows the users to see and control what song is being played adding an aura of simplicity around it. In addition, Apple Inc. has also worked on the iTunes Radio. The users can now choose their favorite stations much quicker.

Now, what makes things more interesting is that how will Apple work with Beats Music Streaming service and their new refurbished Music app. In order to know, we will probably have to wait till the WWDC in June, 2015.

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