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The drought in California is the impact of ‘blob’ in the Pacific

With the Global Warming already hanging like a deadly sword above the neck of the people living, things have gone from bad to worse for the people of the United States. As it happens, the west coast of the United States of America has faced the worst impact of the Blob. Although, the name sounds very much like something that is dangerous and vicious, the phenomenon will not strike you as a monster. In fact, a Blob is simply a part of a water body that is peculiarly warmer, than the rest of the mass.blob-pacific-noaa

The Blob in fact is thought to be the one responsible for the changes in the weather that is being experienced over the land masses. The scientists believe that the Blob is directly responsible for the drought that has affected the state of California. The scientists also believe that the Blob has played a much greater role in warm winter compared to the Global Warming, that the eastern region has seen.

The Blob was noticed for the first time in the year 2013, having a radius of approximately about 500 miles and had a depth of around about 300 miles. Initially the scientists took it to be a normal warm mass of water, which would normalize soon. But the things went from bad to worse. According to a newsletter published last summer, the Blob was about 3 degrees Celsius warmer that the surrounding water. Thus contributing to the abnormal winter that the United States has seen in the recent times.

The Blob has been given the nickname of Nick Bond, based on the name of the state climatologist of Washington. According to his research, the Blob has been caused by a ridge of high pressure air lingering above it. The scientists state that there should be a low pressure system in the area instead of the high pressure section. Speaking facts, the blob has probably forced the state of California into a state of havoc.

The blob has also affected the water life of the region. The reports suggest that the blob has forced the fishes and other aquatic animals to leave their usual locality and move into places where they should not be. There has also been a distinct loss of the flora. More that 1500 sea lion pups have been found stranded along the region owing to the effects of the Blob.

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