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Google’s own long lasting solid-state battery is in the making

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG)’s X lab is currently experimenting a project for development of better batteries, which longs for more time while comparing to current battery technologies. The Wall Street Journal has released a report regarding the same; but the company hasn’t confirmed anything about the project. In the era of technology, we can easily believe the report from the WSJ, since most of the products runs on batteries.google-x-lab

This initiative starts in the year of 2012, when Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj was testing various power sources on Google devices. Currently, a team of four is currently working secretly inside the company to improve lithium-ion technology. The team is currently attempting to improve the energy inside a solid-state battery and also they are targeting the financial feasibility too.

Solid-state batteries are more efficient and they are used all over various devices all around the globe, they are also smaller than typical batteries. Dr. Bhardwaj’s team is planning to develop a high-tech battery that will play more videos on Google Glass on a single charge itself. In future, the device will resist longer on a single charge itself.

At the same time, Google has reported that other teams are also working to manufacture more powerful as well as efficient batteries with AllCell Technologies LLC and also for three more programs too.

Currently, the company is testing few formulated materials that resist the effects of cold and other factors. This can be used in internet balloons, that uses lithium-ion power packs for energy. Battery life is a big issue, for the electronic devices and it is constantly increasing its complex as well as power-hungry. Apple is also forming a division for battery development, and Tesla is planning to open an immense factory for manufacturing batteries for its EVs. If the released report is true, then we can expect a new sort of power resources for all electronic devices soon.

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