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New 12-inch Apple MacBook 2015: Review Roundup

The new 12-inch MacBook is the latest addition to the glorious list of devices manufactured by Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL). Apple is known to all as the company that believes in creating things for the future. Since its inception, Apple has positioned itself on the cutting edge, allowing its users to be a part of of the extravagant line of devices. The new 12-inch MacBook by Apple Inc. is one of its kind. With features that will make your jaws drop, it is time to dig deep into them.apple-macbook-2015

Let us take a look at the features that makes the new MacBook stand out from the rest. Although the Apple laptop resembles its MacBook Air series, the company kept a distance by naming it just ‘MacBook’ without using the word ‘Air’ or ‘Pro’.

The Exteriors

The two major things that come to notice with the new MacBook is the considerable reduction in the size and the weight. The width of the MacBook is exactly the width of the keyboard, which is 12 inches. The weight has been brought down to 2.03 pounds from 2.38 pounds. With these two changes, the new MacBook already looks better that the 11 inch MacBook Air. In fact, the new 12-inch MacBook is slimmer than the 11 inch MacBook Air, giving it a considerable edge over the latter. The finish is as usual exquisite showing the trademark of Apple Inc.

The Keyboard

I am directly shifting to the keyboard, because I firmly believe that it will play a major role in deciding the fate of the new MacBook. There has been a considerable reduction in the size, which means that the spaces between the keys have also been reduced. As it happens, for any individual who types around about 110 words per minute, there will be quite a few complications. But, the keys this time are more stable and wider that the traditional ones. Thus, if you practice on the new MacBook, this will get much better for you.


The Trackpad

The new Force Touch Trackpad used in the new 12-inch MacBook is certainly one of the best things with it. The Trackpad has been designed in such a fashion, so that you can enjoy the act of moving around the display. The surface does not actually move, but the material flexes giving the users the sensation of clicking, etc.. In addition to it, the Trackpad is programmable. This tells a lot.

The Display and The Processor

The display is yet another jewel on the already studded 12-inch MacBook. The 12-inch retina display has a resolution of 2304 by 1440 pixels, which is equivalent to the twice of a standard retina display.

The MacBook is powered by Intel’s Core M processor, which is power efficient and cool as well. But sadly, the speed is not as much as we would have liked.

The Single Port – USB Type-C


How many you would have thought that Apple will come out with a new MacBook that has only one port. The port for charging the device and connecting peripherals is the same and that too, a USB Type-C variant.

Let us keep all of it aside. The new 12-inch MacBook is certainly one to go for as it boasts of a genuine one day long battery service. Thus, priced at $1299, I will certainly not call it a bad investment.


The Wall Street Journal’s Joanna Stern reported:

Here in 2015, the majority of us still require two or three ports for connecting our hard drives, displays, phones and other devices to our computer—not to mention a dedicated power plug. […]

The new MacBook represents an exciting evolution in portable computing, but at this point it is more a proof of concept than your next computer.

Yahoo’s David Pogue said:

If USB-C is so great, why does Apple give us only one of them?

Without buying a splitter/adapter, you cannot connect this MacBook to a monitor, hard drive, or flash drive while it’s plugged in.

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