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LG G Flex Curved 6-inch smartphone photos – Leaked

Three new press photos leaked by engadget shows more detailed LG’s new G Flex curved smartphone, which features a 6-inch curved display.

LG G Flex curved smartphone leaked photos
LG G Flex curved smartphone leaked photos

As current display war between LG and Samsung in Korea is hot, the new G Flex is set to compete with the already announced Samsung Galaxy Round, which is also a curved phone but in different angle – horizontal. We expected a 6-inch display in the smartphone as the company previously unveiled the curved OLED display panel with 0.44mm thinness and 7.2grams weight and also unveiled a very thin 5-inch OLED display. Unlike other displays, the new display might be using the plastic materials instead of glass to make it unbreakable as well as bendable.

According the sources as well as previous rumors, the phone will be released next month in November but there is no official announcement came out regarding the pricing and availability. More, the company had already confirmed about the mass production of the curved batteries, which looks like normal cable. The market entry of these devices will let us take hands on these devices and we can decide, which will be more comfortable in handling and holding it to the ear for calls. But the design of the LG G Flex seems to be nicer than the Samsung Galaxy Round. What is your opinion?



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