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Self-Driving Car Will Make Some People Sick

Have you ever tried of reading books in during car ride? If you’re lucky enough, soon you can own a car that drives by itself using self-driving mode.google-self-driving-cars-2014-01

University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute Researchers said that self-driving cars are boon for the technology and they make the road safer while comparing to drive cars, and also they increase the mobility too. In the meanwhile, Driver-less cars make the people sick; if people are not engaged in the driving activities, then it will make the people to do different activities that will automatically increase the severity of motion sickness.

Around 3200 adults were participating in the survey in the U.S., China, India and other leading countries and in that survey, they asked about what sort of surveys that they would perform instead of driving in a fully automated vehicle. Most of the people claimed that they will perform activities such as reading books, texting, watching movies and other such activities that could increase motion sickness. As a result of that survey, they concluded that around 12 percent of the people will experience moderate to severe level of motion sickness while travelling in an automated car.

Michael Sivak, Researcher at University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute, said in a statement,

“Motion sickness is expected to be more of an issue in self-driving vehicles than in conventional vehicles,””The reason is that the three main factors contributing to motion sickness — conflict between vestibular (balance) and visual inputs, inability to anticipate the direction of motion and lack of control over the direction of motion—are elevated in self-driving vehicles.”

Few people mentioned that, they would do some activities that wouldn’t lead them to motion sickness and even some people mentioned, activities like watching the road, talking in phone and sleeping. Researchers concluded that motion sickness can be reduced by increasing the visual area with transparent display and also installing fully reclining seats.



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