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Solange knowles’ business partner Armina Mussa stabbed 10 times in New Orleans

In a shocking incident, Solange Knowles’ business partner Armina Mussa had been stabbed a total 10 times in New Orleans. This turn of event also forced Singer Solange Knowles to cancel her gig that she had to attend in conjunction with the Coachella Festival that is underway this weekend.solange-knowle

Mussa received her wounds on Wednesday evening when she was stabbed 10 times during an altercation outside her home in New Orleans. It is not known yet as to how the altercation came about or the initial cause behind this fallout.

A Solange Knowles rep released a statement from Solange to the media. The statement said,

“[Slang] was set to DJ a party taking place during Coachella, but was not booked for the actual Coachella festival,” says the rep. “She did cancel that as she flew to New Orleans immediately upon hearing the news and has been with Armina and Armina’s family at the hospital since.”

The accused Arronesia Christophe, 24 has been apprehended and she was charged with attempting a second-degree murder. As of now, Mussa is listed in critical condition care at the area hospital where she is receiving her treatment. Solange has spent her last few days with Mussa and her family members. Solange, who is the younger sibling of Beyonce Knowles has also been reported to be present during Christophe’s court appearance at Orleans Parish criminal court on Thursday.

Mussa is Solange’s business partner and also is a full time project director for Solange’s Heron line of clothing. Solange considers Mussa a close friend and a trustworthy business partner. Besides her Heron engagement, Mussa is also a co-owner with Solange in their Exodus Goods Boutique outlet in the French quarter.

As for the other side of the story, Christophe has claimed that Mussa was the one first attacked her. She claimed that Mussa’s attack forced her to respond in self-defence before she repeatedly stabbed Solange.

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