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Sprint starts offering free international data roaming in 15 countries

After T-Mobile’s shakeup of the telecom value system by its announcement of free international value roaming, Sprint is intending to catch-up to T-Mobile’s lead. Sprint announced in a press release on Friday that it was offering International Roaming for free on data usage.sprint-logo

This feature will be initially rolled out in 15 countries, including select countries in Europe, Latin America and Japan. With this new feature Sprint’s users will now be able to access data services such as texts and emails for free, inside international territories. This service allows no charge on data usage at 2G levels, which is good enough for emailing, messaging and basic browsing. In addition, it was also announced that voice calls can be made for 20 cents a minute.

This free data roaming plan unrolled by Sprint will delight iPhone users even more. This is because iPhones with Sprint connection and few other select Android devices can be used to place internet calls through Wi-Fi hotspots. Although at the free 2G level speeds, internet based calling may not be that effective, users of select phones will be able to benefit even better through Wi-Fi. The 3G speeds can be availed through purchasing select mobile data packages.

A 100 MB would come for $15, while $25 will get you 200 MB to be used over a period of 7 days. Sprint is also offering $50 for a 500 MB data plan. When these data packs get exhausted, the connection speed will automatically revert back to 2G level speeds.

Although the basket of countries where the program will be rolled out is quite small, standing at 15 in number, the eventual plan is to roll this facility out in more number of countries. Sprint hopes to convert customers from AT & T and Verizon over to its side. Sprint has also designed its pricing method more attractively than the presiding twin giants of American telecom.

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  1. This a great start although limited to 15 major countries. Its 3G speed is not ideal as this will take longer to down load and may end up costing you more. I have used Go Sim before when staying abroad. In the USA for $59 you get 1GB of data with unlimited calls and text. These seems a lot cheaper that Sprint or am I missing something. Go sim is good for I phones and Android phones.

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