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Connecticut waters open for fishing season

April 11 is the opening day for the season of fishing and it is celebrated as a water Saturday in Connecticut. According to the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) Commissioner Robert Klee, “We are excited about the additional fishing opportunities provided to anglers with this change to an earlier Opening Day.american-shad

This change provides an additional week of fishing opportunities for both resident and non-resident anglers targeting trout or fishing for other species such as largemouth and smallmouth bass found in trout waters, Additionally, most of the state’s school-age anglers will also now have the opportunity to fish for trout during their spring breaks, as Opening Day will now come at the beginning of that school vacation for most school systems in Connecticut.”

There is an expectation that 341,000 trout will be stocked in 100 lakes and ponds with 190 rivers and streams in Connecticut. However, DEEP has expressed its concern over stocking as cold temperature and residual snow create a great problem when it comes to stocking. According to Pete Aarrestad, Director of DEEP’s Inland Fisheries Division stated, “Stocking well over three hundred thousand fish prior to Opening Day is a monumental task in the best weather. Due to the prolonged winter freeze and morning temperatures in the single digits, trout stocking got off to an unprecedented slow start in late February and early March.

In spite of significant weather related setbacks we still hope to stock most of the usual water bodies that have historically been done prior to Opening Day. Should some areas not get stocked, we will provide that information to anglers prior to Opening Day via both print and electronic media.”

The opening day for Fishing Day is going to be big as people will also celebrate the water Saturday. DEEP also announced that the anglers with ages between 16 and 17 can easily get fishing, hunting and trapping licenses for the year at bargained prices. The fishermen will also have a great facility to receive latest info on places where trout are stocked on the Facebook page of state’s fishing and wildlife Facebook page.

You can review the fishing regulations of the year 2015 in the Facebook page of state’s fishing and wildlife. The guides for fishing are also available in an electronic form on DEEP’s website. You can retrieve more info on the fishing page of DEEP or simply make a call to 860-424-3105

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