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Rich kids do prefer Instagram, Snapchat over Facebook

It is true that Instagram is more favorable among the rich youth while Facebook fares well among the average to poor youth. There is a feed over Instagram named ‘Rich Kids of Instagram’ and it is used as an inspiration for the rich youth to instill moments of jealousy with the picture they post. Some of the pictures depict a group of young, rich brats pouring champagne on each other, while the other shows them lounging around in their own boats.rich-kids-instagram

In a couple of years, this subject will become more popular and will be talked about more. There is no doubt that in future it will become a sociological document. Teens, Social Media and Technology Overview 2015 that’s released this week concludes that the more affluent teenagers are, the more is their inclination towards Instagram.

Instagram is the ultimate choice of the rich youth in order to show off their wealth and pride. According to a study that polled American teens with ages varying from 13 to 17, it was shown that the rich kids always go for Instagram as their social media platform.

In the houses with an income of less than US $30,000, kids preferred Facebook as their social media platform. 51 percent of the kids in those houses voiced their opinion on using Facebook while 7 percent of them went for Snapchat and the other lot of 19 percent then opted for Instagram.

When the same survey was repeated on the houses with income more than US $100,000, only 31 percent of the kids used Facebook as their main social media network, while 15 percent goes for Snapchat and another 25 percent like to use Instagram.

The research does not give any concrete reason as to why the rich kids prefer Instagram but it seems quite clear that the rich kids prefer to show off their wealth with a Valencia filter.

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