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Distracted Driving will be targeted by the Police across Maryland in April

If you live in the States, you must have noticed that there are more Police personnel than usual on the roads. There is a healthy reason for the same as April is the Distracted Driving Awareness Month and Police is on the lookout for the people who are not looking apt while driving their vehicle.driving-distraction

Police is planning to conduct distracted driving enforcement near toll facilities starting from April 8 till April 16. A statement given by the Maryland Transportation Authority reads, “Distracted driving is any activity that could divert a person’s attention away from the primary task of driving,” This implied that the Police would be concerned about handheld cell phone use including phone calls and texting at the time of driving.

The fine for the crime would be somewhere between $83 dollars for the first office and $160 for the third offense. Points would be allotted to people according to their crash counts, according to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration.

The Jake’s Law that was incorporated last fall advocates for the setting up of a fine worth $5,000 and up to a year in jail for the culprits committing a serious or fatal crash while using a cell phone.

58 percent of the total crashes statewide are caused due to distracted driving. Half of all the fatal accidents occurring statewide are also caused by distracted driving. Each year, Maryland itself receives over 53,000 distracted driving crashes.

Most of the driving accidents are caused when people are looking for a phone number, reaching out for their phone. The likeliness of the crash to occur increases thrice folds due to it. The chances of a crash are doubled while you are texting someone during driving, according to Virginia Tech Transported Institute.

Visit distraction.gov or the Maryland Highway Safety Office for more information.

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