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Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIII now game-streaming to mobile devices in Japan

Over the past few years, Square Enix has been consistently working very hard to push mobile computing to the next level, and it is quite impressing one too. Final Fantasy XIII has been released for iOS and Android operating system over in Japan and the more interesting fact is that, they brought impossible one into the world of mobile gaming.final-fantasy-xiii-screenshot-mobile

The technology wizards found in the Square Enix turned the impossible things into a reality through the release of Final Fantasy XIII. Unlike other games, this one uses a cloud storage service for storing entire data, and it is commonly referred as G-Cluster. The bulk of the game data is stored in that storage and will be fetched from the storage when a user needs it. The entire application of the game comes with 20MB app, and it allows the users to play 30min demo. After that, the same user needs to pay approximately $16 or 2000 yen, if he/she wants to play the full game.

The main scenario is that, when you want to play this game with better experience, then you need a data connection with transfer speed of above 3MB/s. You need an insane speed for accessing this game server and users outside Japan cannot able to play this game with this insane speed. In the meanwhile, it also tells us that the game application cannot be able to play outside the country. If a user lives in Australia, then it is impossible for them to play this game and it is a quite interesting idea as well as interesting concept too. At the same time, it is not the point and the game is not developed for those people who lives outside Japan.

Some of the features found in this game are still in experimentation stage and testing of game is being done in various locations in Japan. Addition to this, Sony announced that Final Fantasy XIII Playstation 4 version will hit the market soon.

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