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China’s ‘Great Cannon’ programme is a website killer, like a virtual Nuclear weapon

China is certainly in the mood to stamp its authority, but the methods that the nation is using may well be considered as something that one should no use. There is no doubt about the animosity that China shares with a few other nations of the world and this animosity is to a certain extent responsible for the Great Cannon. According to the recent reports, China has recently upgraded its Internet security system, which can be effectively used to block websites that are not desired by the Chinese Government.great-cannon-china-attack-github

The system, known as the Great Cannon, allows the nation to attack international websites with the aim to suppress them in China. The Great Cannon can be termed as an effective weapon with the aim to censor the prominent websites in China. According to the Citizen lab, based within the Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto, the Great Cannon has been designed in such a way that it can intercept global traffic and redirect it to any specific given websites.

This is not all. The other major issue is the fact that the Great Cannon can also pave down the path for malicious softwares to enter our system. The experts in the labs believe that on the interception and redirection of the global traffic to unprotected Chinese systems, there runs a risk of allowing free entry to malicious objects at ease into our system.

Some skeptic individuals have already started stating the Great Cannon as China’s prime weapon in case a cyber war breaks out now. The Great Cannon has already affected millions of users while its attack on the Baidu search engine. There is a firm belief that the attack on GitHub was also an act by the Great Cannon.

The Great Cannon of China is responsible for the recent GitHub attack:

Citizen Lab, ICT security and human rights lab if the Munk School of Global Affairs in Toronto has confirmed China’s role in the hacking attack on Github. Last month, China had also launched an attack against blocked American websites, which were accessed by Chinese citizens.

Github face a five-day denial-of-service attack and was suspected to have originated from China. Though IT representatives from the country convinced that they had no role in the attack, researchers have identified the ‘Great Cannon of China’ behind the attack. Great Cannon, also known as Great Firewall is a way of exploiting Internet filter to redirect enormous amount of traffic onto targets. Read More.

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