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Mosasaurs gave birth to live young ones in the sea, say researchers

The University of Toronto and Yale University researchers had discovered the process through which the Monasaurs gave birth to their young ones.varner

During the late Cretaceous Period, these reptiles created a great roar of fear in the shallow seas. It used to be a great predator of its time after the ichthyosaurs got extinct and the plesiosaurs declined. Mosasaurs were great swimmers and their strong teeth were compared to that of a shark. They ate fish, turtles, molluscks and shellfish for their survival. Mosasaurs were huge reptiles and the biggest of them reached up to the length of up to 18 meters.

The breeding process as well as the birth process was studied by the research team. The fossils of Mosasaurs were examined thoroughly by the researchers. The remains of Mosasaurs were kept preserved at the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural history. In the beginning, the researchers thought the remains to be those of a prehistoric marine bird.

According to the team of researchers, the reptile was in existence almost 65 million years ago.

Daniel Field who is the center brain in the study shared that among the reptile-dinosaurs, Mosasaurs were the best studied reptile during the Mesozoic era. However, the ecology of baby Mosasaurs could not be described by those researchers.

According to the prehistoric literature, Mosasaurs were known to give birth by laying eggs on the beaches, but the researchers had a different idea for the story. According to the co-author of the study, Aaron LeBlanc, the findings of the study will make sure that Mosasaurs give birth to their young ones in the favorable environment.

LeBlanc also added, “Contrary to classic suggestions, these findings suggest that Mosasaurs did not lay eggs on beaches, and that newborn Mosasaurs likely did not live in sheltered nearshore nurseries.”

Journal Palaeontology is equipped with the findings of the research team.

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