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Microsoft adds Energy-saving option to Xbox One’s first-time boot

Microsoft 9NASDAQ:MSFT), again proves that it has listened to the critics and making changes, so that their fans will experience better with their products. After disabling default Do Not Track feature in its IE, now it turns its entire focus towards the Xbox One. Microsoft Xbox One comes with more potential wastage of energy and after several critics, Microsoft wants that one to be rectified.xbox-one-energy-saving-mode

In the official blog of Microsoft, the various power options regarding the Xbox One have been described in detail. It includes that “Energy Saving” mode will save the power consumption of the device while comparing to “Instant On”. “Instant On” will allow the device to run constantly, even the device is in “off” mode, and by using this mode, users can download or update games during night time. But to achieve this, steady flow of electricity is needed and this may have a huge number of impacts for the nations, for more than 10 million units has been sold.

In the month of March, NRDC (National Resource Defense Council) claims that “Instant On” mode cost around $250 million per year and ask the Microsoft to make the “Energy Saving” mode as a default one for the users.

Microsoft Mentioned in its official blog as,

As we continue to evolve the Xbox One experience, we are bringing this power choice front and center. In the coming months, new Xbox One owner around the world will be prompted with this choice in the initial console set-up process. Current Xbox One owner can easily make changes to their power consumption choices now in Settings under Power & start up.

NRDC director mentioned that, even if Xbox one is in the off state, it will constantly consume power and makes you to that your Xbox is on around the clock. Microsoft claims that, “Instant On” is one of the main feature of the device and also provides the best experience for its users. Also mentioned that, in upcoming updates, it will ask the users to choose the power settings in initial set up of the device.

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