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Microsoft working hard with Windows 10 touch UI

The good that has been happening with Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) since the arrival of Mr. Satya Nadella seems to have taken a nice turn. With Microsoft getting ready to hit the market hard with its upcoming version of Windows; Windows 10, it will be interesting how much popularity it can gain. There is no doubt about the fact that the Windows operating system has a huge user base with a vast section of users still stuck on Windows 7. The reviews that we have on hand have shown Windows 10 to be ready for the Desktop PC, but the question is that whether Windows 10 is ready for the ‘touch’ media or not.Tech-Preview_Start-menu

According to the recent reports, Microsoft is working hard with the Touch UI for Windows 10. The main idea is probably to create a complete different UI for the users as soon as they enter the tablet mode, allowing access to the basic start button and the new digital assistant on Windows 10, Cortana. There will be a few more changes depending on the needs, but the whole User Interface will be very much similar to Windows 8.1 touch UI.

The users will be able to launch desktop applications under the Tablet mode and will enjoy a complete full screen view. In case the users switch back from tablet mode, the traditional desktop will be back with all the user’s applications on the screen. The users will be allowed to resize start menu, control the transparency and many other features.

With the changes that are being implied, there is a clear indication that Microsoft will pay more attention to Windows 10, when it will be launched on the smartphones. Some individuals believe that Windows 10 can play a major role in the rise of Windows phones.

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