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Amazon gets green light from FAA for drone tests in the US

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) has received permission from U.S federal regulators, to test drones for delivery in the United States. The e-commerce website had criticized the agency for slow approval for using an updated drone for door delivery.Drones-–-the-Buzzing-Stars-of-This-Year’s-CES-Gadget-Show

The delivery drones can fly under 400 feet and at a maximum speed of 400 miles per hour. Earlier, the Federal Aviation Administration had approved the use of a prototype drone, but the company informed that an updated drone was now used, after waiting for six months. Amazon received a letter on Wednesday, confirming  its request to test deliver drones.

“We are committed to realizing our Prime Air and are prepared to deploy where we have the regulatory support we need,” said Paul Misener, Amazon’s VP for Global Public Policy.

Amazon has been focusing on sending packages via drones, in spite of concerns about public safety. The Seattle-based company aims to send packages to customers over distances of 10 miles (16 km) or more. The drone will be automated and will incorporate technology to maintain altitude, speed and prevent collisions. In February, the FAA proposed a set of rules, after growing demand from companies and individuals to use unmanned aerial vehicles.

While the FAA takes years to provide approval to other commercial drones, Amazon was provided an exception. According to the FAA’s website, the agency will now issue an exemption, if it has already granted an exception similar to the new request. However, Prime Air is likely to face other issues as it is aimed in a futuristic way by CEO Jeff Bezos.

Amazon will resume its testing operations, to ascertain the efficiency of the drone. Despite a limited approval, Amazon is closer to reaching its dream of automated drones, capable of delivering packages to customers.

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