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Apple Watch pre-orders sold on eBay, with a premium price tag

Apple Watch pre-orders made its way onto eBay at inflated prices, after pre-orders opened on Friday. Pre-orders for the watch are being listed in the range of $1000 to $2000, for various versions of the watch.apple-watch-variants

The 38mm and 42mm Stainless Steel Space Black Link Bracelet options have hit a combines price point of $4200. Apple has sold the first batch of Apple Watch, with huge demand for the basic sport version and Space Black models. The sport version priced at $349, is listed on eBay for $599 and the seller claims to deliver the device by April. Huge demand has caused Apple to push the shipping date by June.

Another pre-order for an Apple Watch with Space Gray Aluminium case and black wristband, is priced at $969 while the original price is $399. The same wearable can also be ordered at $1,299 plus shipping, to receive it three weeks in advance. The 38mm 18-Karat Gold edition Apple Watch is selling at $15,000 through an eBay seller while the original price is $10,000.

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The stainless Steel White Sport watch is listed at $949 while $549 is the original price, and the seller promises to ship by April 24. Other notable listings include a 42mm Stainless Steel Milanese Loop and 42mm Stainless Steel Link Bracelet, priced at $1,599 and $3,200 respectively.

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The sports version is the most popular listing that comes with an extra $200 to $300 than the original price. Users can rather wait and pre-order the watch, rather than paying  a premium price and facing shipping issues. Several listings are popping up, with various versions. However, eager Apple fans are likely to fall prey to the offer, in spite of the premium price.

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Though Apple sold its stock through pre-order from its store in the first day, it is too early to speculate the success of the watch. Can Apple transform the smartwatch market or will it face the same fate of other smartwatch makers, only time will tell.

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