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Hillary Clinton to announce her Presidential Candidacy this Sunday

Sunday will see the announcement by Hillary Clinton as the nominated individual for the post of the President of the United States of America for the second time.clinton-1-1114

The Former secretary of the state, a Seantor and the first lady will be running for the Presidential elections for the second time under the banner of the Democrats. Hillary Clinton is expected to initiate her campaign for the presidential elections with a video message on the social media. The video will probably be followed by here visits to the early primary states the following week.


Although, Hillary Rodham Clinton has made it quite clear that she will be running for her second presidential election, but the reason behind the decision is yet unknown. Having known the initial plans for the campaign, it will be interesting to see how the whole campaign will roll out. The initial reports suggest that this time, Hillary will be shown as a Grandmother who is ready to create opportunities for All Americans.

Clinton will be expected to try out a few new themes for the campaign while she sets forth to Lowa and New Hampshire for her first campaign outing. Clinton’s team will also be looking forward to have a slow expansion for her team over the entire course of the year allowing gradual growth in the system.

One will have to wait and see how the not-so-celebrity appearance of Hillary Rodham Clinton affects the ordinary voters, when the team is already collecting checks for the campaign which is expected to cost approximately about $2.5 billion. The efforts have already been initiate as Clinton’s team is working out in their new headquarters in Brooklyn, New York.

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