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FBI arrests make two arrests while stopping a suicide mission in Kansas

A man was arrested by the FBI from Kansas on Friday. The arrest was made owing to some information, which stated that the man was a part of an Islamic State Militant Group and was plotting a suicide car bombing attack on the Fort Riley Army Base. John T. Booker Jr., aged 20, hailing from Topeka, has been charged with three criminal counts, which includes an attempt to use a weapon of mass destruction. In fact, the man has also been charged in account of aiding Islamic State Fighters by providing them with different kind of materials.

Another arrest was made on the same day. Alexander Blair, also hailing from Topeka has been charged with acts of felony. Blair, aged 28, is believed to have the same intentions like that of John T. Booker Jr.. The man aided Booker by lending him money for a storage unit for the various parts of the bomb.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation had been following Booker since March last year, when he posted Facebook status, which read, “Getting ready to be killed in jihad is a HUGE adrenaline rush!! I am so nervous. NOT because I’m scared to die, but I am eager to meet my lord.”. The prosecutors believe that the original plan was to infiltrate the United States Army base at Kansas and then execute a suicide mission.

Booker Jr. had signed up for the United States Army last month, but was denied entry owing to the terrorist intent showed by him. This is not the first occasion, when an inside man has caused trouble via an attack on the soldiers. In the year 2009, Major Nidal Hassan carried out a similar attack on Fort Hood, Texas.

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