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Online rush triumphs retail store queues for Apple Watch

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) retail stores on Friday, witnessed lesser queues for Apple Watch, after the company confirmed its decision to sell the wearable only by reservation. The first batch of the wearable was sold-out in pre-orders, and shipping was expected to start by April 24.apple-watch-queue-retail-store

Gold-plated versions of Apple Watch, priced at $17,000 and the sport-version priced at $349, is likely to be shipped only by June, due to the online rush. Apple did not announce the quantity of devices available, thus pushing the shipping date in June or later. Unlike other Apple products, the long overnight queues, outside the retail stores have become a thing of the past.

However, Apple encouraged customers to book a 15-minute opportunity, for trying out the Apple Watch at retail stores. Retail staffers at Apple stores cheered for the first customers in Atlanta, New York and other cities. Several shoppers were also trying out the watch at stores in London, Shanghai and Tokyo. Customers like Victor Lueng was visibly excited, after trying out and ordering the sports-version watch.

“It’s awesome,” Leung (a student/customer) said. “You get texts on your watch, make phone calls.” While he has tried other smartwatches, he thinks “Apple is different.”

Apple Watch features two different face sizes and three styles offered with different bands. Starting from the basic version, features like time, tracking capabilities and tracking user’s health and fitness data. Several apps are pre-installed for shopping, booking flights and sports scores. However, the wearable requires an iPhone to work.

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Analysts predict that Apple’s strategy of selling Apple Watch through online reservations, will help  the company prepare for a massive demand. The try-visits is likely to benefit the company through ‘word of moth’ advertisements. Though Apple does not have any specific goal of selling the watch, analysts predict that the company could sell anywhere between 10 million to 20 million watches this year. The success of Apple Watch is closely watched by Swiss makers and smart watch makers around the world.

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