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Amazon Machine Learning to allow app developers a bit of ease

Amazon probably wants to make things a bit easier for the developers. According to the recent news, Amazon has officially announced Amazon Machine Learning, which is a cloud based service allowing the developers a breathing space. Developing applications need the developers to remember a lot of things, which min turn at times can turn out to be inhibitions of some sort. The new Amazon Machine Learning is all set to solve this issue with the developers.MachineLearning_VideoThumbnail_withAspect


According to the blog post from Amazon, Amazon Machine Learning will be simplifying the process of applying the act of machine learning into various applications. The blog post by Mr. Jeff Barr, Chief Evangelist at Amazon Web Services, is very confident of the fact that the Amazon Learning Machine will allow the developers to explore new boundaries while developing various applications.

The developers can easily build an application available based on the models and fine tune them according to their needs. The availability of large amounts of data also allows Amazon Machine Learning to make predictions, which in a certain aspect can also be referred to as Artificial Intelligence. Amazon Machine Learning will allow the developers to plug into their applications via various simple APIs on offer. Thus, the time and energy required for hard core coding can be eluded allowing more time to add the finishing touch.

The other good thing is that with the Amazon Machine Learning, there will be no desperate need for any high ranking certificates or any advanced degrees for the developers. There is a firm belief that Amazon Machine Learning can be easily used to create and deploy applications according to the need of the developer. But, the journey will not be easy for Amazon Machine Learning, as there is expected to be a stiff competition from companies like Microsoft and IBM.


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