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Amazon and Best Buy selling Moto 360 at $70 to $110 off

With the launch of the next Apple Watch nearing, it seems that Motorola is looking forward to clear the stocks. There has been a significant drop in the prices of Moto 360, Motorola’s Android wear all around. By all around, I am referring to all the websites who are selling Moto 360. In fact, the drop in the price is not specific for any single variant as well. The approximate discount that the potential buyers can cash in at present ranges to about $70 to $110.faa38bddc60edffb95e8f38b23372be3


The discounts offered on Amazon and Best Buy are very much similar to each other except for a few differences. In case you are looking for the metal variants, you can have an extra $10 discount on Best Buy compared to  Amazon. All of this seems quite pleasant only if, you are looking to buy an Android gear.

It is very interesting to see how Motorola is planning to catch up with the market just before the launch of Apple Watch Generation 2. The experts believe that that efforts are to saturate the market so that the Apple Watch faces an initial setback owing to the saturation. Although, it will not be justified to comment on the company policies, but some individuals have certain doubts about whether things will work this way or not.

Talking about another aspect, the discounts can also be an indication towards the launch of Moto 360 Gen 2. Although, nothing is official as of yet, one will have to wait for a bit longer to get a clear view of things.

Here is how Moto 360 is priced at Best Buy and Amazon:

Best Buy

Gold Metal: 18 mm and 23 mm, $220

Silver and Black Metal: 18 mm and 23 mm, $220

Stone and Black Leather: 23 mm, $180


Gold Metal: 23 mm, $230

Silver and Black Metal: 18 mm, $230

Cognac Leather: 22 mm, $180

Stone and Black Leather: 23 mm, $180

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