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Intel set to power world’s most powerful supercomputer

Intel is back in the news. Intel is one of the major chip makers for computers and laptops in the world and is all set to create the most powerful supercomputer of the world for the United States of America. According to the reports on hand, Intel has promised the United States Department of Energy’s Argonne Leadership Computing Facility to create the most powerful supercomputer, the world has ever seen. The journey is expected to be interesting and eventful until Intel completes work on it.Intel-Logo


According to the contract, the plan is to create supercomputers involving two different machines, which will in turn help the United States Energy Sector to dive deep into next generation computing.

Aurora has been the show stealer till now as the system has an ultimate performance of 180 petaflops and is approximately 18 times more powerful than Mira, its predecessor. In fact, Aurora uses just 2.7 times the energy that Mira used, which is a certain indication of the efficiency it has.

DOE has the plans to use the advanced system to work on a few research goals in development of solar cells, improved transportation systems, turbines, etc.. Aurora, which is probably going to be the base of all the development, is in turn based on Intel’s scalable system framework combined with Intel HPC, Xenon Phi Chips and Omni path fabric high speed interconnect technology. The prediction suggests that Aurora will be completely ready by 2018.

Intel will not export Xenon Phi Chips to China

On the other hand, reports suggest that the United States has imposed a ban on Intel, stopping the chip maker to supply its Xenon Phi chips to China. China needs the Xenon Phi Chips to upgrade its Tianhe-2 supercomputer. The ban has been imposed as the authorities believe that the hardware used in Tianhe 2 can be used to trigger nuclear explosives.

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