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Apple iOS 8.3: Using racially diverse Emojis

Apple’s iOS 8.3 update brings a new redesigned keyboard, several new features  and bug fixes. The keyboard includes infinite scroll, to navigate horizontally through screens and tabbed icons at the bottom.1428595592-477x400

Apart from Playboy bunnies emojis, racially diverse emojis with different skin tones. Several options are available to choose emoji heads from particular emoji. Apple’s patch brings an addition to the exciting 800 emojis, to bringing a personalized experience for users. However, the company has not removed the odd male mustache from the male emoji. Apple has added a Vulcan salute emoji as a tribute to the late Leonard Nemoy.

For adding these emojis, iOS update 8.3 will need to be downloaded and installed. Some users might not find the emoji keyboard in the Messages and will have to access Settings. Click Settings > General > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard > Emoji. The new emoji keyboard will now be available in Messages, and in places where keyboard is required.


While sending a new message, users can click the globe icon the bottom line of the keyboard and select emoji from the list. The range of emojis with different skin tones is accessed by holding down on a specific emoji like Santa. However, the emojis can be viewed by another person only if they have the same software patch installed. The emojis might end up with meaningless symbols, in case of an older version of iOS.

The emojis are available in the people section or in emojis that shows a group of people. The emojis with selection  of skin tones are golden in color. Once the latest iOS update includes bug fixes for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, CarPlay and family sharing. Apple has a huge fan following in Asian countries like China and India, and the new feature is likely to excite users.

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