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Nokia Android Phone Rumors 2015: Specs, Release Date and more

Since it has been transferred to Microsoft, Nokia has not been as famous in the smart phone market as it used to be. But the giant is rumored to regain the market again with the help of their Android devices. There’s been a huge speculation about the re-entry of the giant in the market and many think that launching an Android device will do the magic.nokia-android-phone-rumors

Well, it seems that the Finnish company, Nokia has taken the suggestion and is planning to do the same. However, as Microsoft holds the power of naming Nokia devices till the year 2016, we really can’t guess what the device will be the names.


Nokia has always been famous for sturdy smart phones which lasted long. However, there were rumors that Nokia was going to concentrate more on designing this time, but that didn’t last long. New rumors suggest that the giant is rather trying to build sturdy handsets as usual with maximum tech specification rather that a good looking phone with compromised specifications. At the same time it is also heard that the phones are going to be available in various colors.


Apart from dual SIM, which is in heavy demand, the new Android device from Nokia is rumored to have similar tile based look like the Windows series and is said to be pretty colorful with all the usual features and integrated Microsoft’s core apps like Skype.

Now among the various rumors, the strongest ones suggest that Nokia is currently working on two devices to make a comeback in the world of smart phones.

Nokia N9

Initially the N9 device launched by Nokia in 2011 used to run on MeeGo technology. It was a pretty little handset which had out of the box designing. Nokia is currently planning to launch it with full fledged android OS. Although Microsoft owns the rights to naming the device, we doubt how long it will take Nokia to enter the market with its own name on the device. But if the Nokia N9 team is really working on the flagship device for the company, it will really be interesting to see what new they create this time.


Nokia C1

Although we quite doubt the rumors about this device, still the concept that has been launched and doing rounds in the name of Nokia C1 is pretty interesting. It has a sleek design and is said to be having tech specs like Android 5.0 Lollipop, Nokia Z Launcher, 5-inch screen, Intel-made chipset, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, 8MP rear camera and 5MP front camera. If in fact this device is actually launched, will it be creating quite the stir in the present smart phone market? We can only wait and see.


We’ve tried to gather all that we could hear about the latest Nokia android rumor and we only hope that it’s all true. We really miss the beloved brand and wish it made a quick comeback. Let us know about any new rumors via comments.

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