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Researchers at Princeton University reveals science of frustrated magnets via Hall Effect experiment

A study carried by a team of experts at Princeton University has revealed the properties of frustrated magnets. Hall experiment refers to the effect of current over magnets, leading to its deflection to one side.frustrated_magnet_test

The team believes that the study could unravel information regarding the frictionless transmission of electricity and the mechanism of the phenomenon. The experiment was conducted to find if magnets would change behavior in the Hall Effect. The team explained that the current deflects to one side of the ribbon, when a magnetic field is applied to an electricity passing through a conductor.

“To about the Hall Effect for neutral particles is an oxymoron, a crazy idea,” said N Phuan Ong, physics professor at Princeton.

Frustrated magnets are said to lose magnetic properties at low temperatures. Though scientists did not believe that Hall Effect could occur in neutral particles, some researchers believe that frustrated magnets could retain the Hall Effect, even ion extreme sub-zero temperatures. The study has gained attention as its discoveries could lead to new possibilities.

Scientific experimentation was carried out by Robert Cava, Russell Wellman, Max Hirschberger, Jason Krizan and Ong, a mixture of students and professors. The study was conducted on magnets called pyrochlores. The experiment concluded that spins seemed to point out a various directions and there was no alignment due to geometric frustration. The frustrated material is referred as “quantum spin ice”.

However, the experiment did not find the effect on neutral particles. Researchers hope to find more positive results in the future The research will prove to be useful for computing and electronic devices as entanglement is considered an important factor in quantum systems. More powerful quantum systems can also be developed in the future.

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